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What is CaribCreed California?

CaribCreed California is a clothing brand – we’re the original providers of #PFCAT (Premium Fashion Cannabis Activism T-Shirts). It’s our mission to provide unique and interesting perspectives on fashion, away from the middle of the road or the status quo.

As a pro-cannabis clothing brand, we strive to create original t-shirts for the discerning cannabis user who wants to comfortably wear their philosophy close to their chest, wherever they go. Our shirts are NOT designed for boring, staid and normal Jane and John Doe’s – we produce high-quality fashionable garments designed for free-spirited individuals who want to inconspicuously highlight their love of the cannabis plant without necessarily drawing attention to themselves by those who have attributed negative connotations to traditional marijuana symbols and logos. Instead, we’re sort of a secret society for cannabis lovers who want to display their affectations without causing a fuss in the workplace or at social gatherings.

How is CaribCreed pronounced?

It’s quite simple: [kar] [rib] [creed].

Think of a car (transportation), think of a rib (the body part), and a creed (a system of faith) if that helps!

What makes CaribCreed California different from traditional Marijuana Leaf t-shirt manufacturers?

While there are many great brands out there which celebrate marijuana use, at CaribCreed we like to do things differently – and there are multiple benefits to our products which set us apart from other pro-cannabis clothing suppliers.

Our brand began life as a subtle way to introduce cannabis activism into any social setting. The CaribCreed Classic tees we sell commemorate the legalization date of cannabis use with a premium tag which highlights the month and year cannabis use became enshrined in law, in an individual state or country.

Our unique design adorns the only pro-cannabis activism t-shirts created not only for recreational cannabis users, but also for those who advocate the legalization of this incredible herb without necessarily using it personally. For us, cannabis legalization is about freedom of choice, whether it’s for medicinal purposes, spiritual enlightenment or recreational use. The designs we use are subtle, fashionable and accessible for all.

Do you sell cannabis? Can I buy dope from CaribCreed?

NO! We are not providers of dope – we merely provide “dopeness” in the form of hip underground t-shirts that are certain to create a talking point among you, your friends, and new acquantances you haven’t quite met yet. Life is a journey, and our mission is to help like-minded spiritual travellers to connect via our fresh and funky designs.

What is the difference between the two “Genius” logos?

At CaribCreed, we understand that not everybody who recognizes the value and contribution of cannabis to our society will necessarily be a user – and as an inclusive t-shirt manufacturer, we don’t want to leave anybody out.

Our LEAFY GENUIS logo is designed with the pro-cannabis activist who likes to get high in mind. Our GENIUS logo is the same without the leaf hanging from the mouth, which is designed for non-users to show their support.

Where is CaribCreed located?

While CaribCreed ships from the U.S.A, we believe the globe is one big home for all of us to enjoy, which is why we ship worldwide. Our products are available to purchase from our online store.

Is the CaribCreed brand against wearing traditional marijuana tees?

NO WAY! We believe in unbridled freedom of choice. While we recognize the contribution that traditional marijuana t-shirts make in helping to change public opinion around the mystical leaf, we understand that there’s a time and a place to wear them. It’s our mission to produce pro-cannabis t-shirts which can be worn at social occasions such as a child’s birthday party, company picnic or other sensitive locations and events.

Do you have t-shirts for other states and countries?

We currently produce t-shirts as a salute to the progressive states and nations who have enacted laws to allow the legal consumption and production of cannabis products by private citizens. The best way to ensure a CaribCreed t-shirt specific to your state is to lobby your governors to change the law!

What does “Genius Loves You” mean?

This is one of our marketing captions, designed to show some love and counteract all the negative multi-million-dollar multinational corporate smear-campaigns against this remarkable plant for over 40 years. Why not spread some love instead?

Who are CaribCreed shirts for? Can I wear one?

Absolutely EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE, WORLDWIDE can wear a CaribCreed shirt. From celebrities to Youtube stars to soccer moms, college students and public officials, we don’t discriminate – One Love for all.

How can I reach CaribCreed online?

We’ve made this especially easy!


Insta: CaribCreed

Twitter: CaribCreed

Facebook: CaribCreed

Can I purchase CaribCreed clothing elsewhere?

Our online store is currently the only place to find CaribCreed t-shirts.

Can I order while I am high?

Is the pope a Catholic? Of course, you can! We don’t encourage breaking the law, but many of our customers are ardent cannabis users.

What is your logo? Any hidden meanings?

It’s a funky, unique #PFCAT logo. Nothing more, nothing less.

Who is Generation Us?

Anybody who thinks out of the box, strives to make a change and refuses to accept the status quo belongs to Generation Us. We’re here to create positive vibes.

Who are the One Love Rebels?

We are one and the same – pro-cannabis activists who believe in spreading the word and enjoying the GOOD LIFE, cherishing GOOD LOVE and spreading the GOOD VIBE.