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Official Announcement | January 2019 |

Whaoooo! CaribCreed (California) Clothing is now Leafy& Genius Clothing! While our goal as the #1 premium casual fashion cannabis activism t-shirt brand has not changed, our name now compliments our global vision. For the past few months, we've been networking and getting feedback from our customers while working on our global branding strategies. Our primary goal as always is to have you continue to feel good, comfortable and inspired while wearing our t-shirts. Thank you for your support.


Leafy& Genius T-shirt Dispensary (California) - Is a premium pro-cannabis advocate t-shirt brand that celebrates the cannabis lifestyle and culture around the world.  Each tagged t-shirt mark a state or country cannabis legalization success by creating commemorative t-shirts to celebrate this awesome occasion. Our products are simply designed for adults 21+ to enjoy daily. An ingeniously original alternative organically grown for Genius Cannabis Advocates in mind who because of social, employment or personal reason(s) will not wear traditional ‘marijuana leaf clothing’ I'm sure you would agree that for many of us sometimes subtlety is absolutely obviously necessary. Join the revolution, we donate a percentage of our yearly sales for the good! Cheers!


The differences between the two logos are 

LEAFY GENIUS: (logo with the leaf in the mouth):
For Pro-cannabis Activist Who Enjoy The Freedom To Consume Cannabis And Support Those Who Fight For It. 

 Leafy Genius T-shirts For Those Who Enjoy Cannabis & Support Those Who Fight For It.    Genius T-shirts For Those Who Love Freedom & Support Those Who Fight For It.

GENIUS CLASSIC: (without the leaf in the mouth)

 For The Pro-cannabis Activist Who DO NOT Use Cannabis But Love Freedom And Support Those Who Fight For It.