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The Green Mountain State Just Legalized Cannabis!

Vermont, the green mountain state has just legalize cannabis! No, not through the traditional ballot initiative which leaves the decision up to voters, but a bad-ass, Governor though the legislative process just save the lives of many in the state he was elected to govern by signing this beautiful and historic piece of legislation into law; scheduled to begin on July 1, 2018. This is the 9th U.S state to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis for their citizens to heal themselves safely and enjoy.

Sitting in a Sweet Tomato restaurant, after chowing down on some good organic soup, bread, salad and whatever else they had to accommodate the hungry green giant in my stomach long winded four hour prophetic speech rant; I just decided to flick through my phone to kinda catch up on my daily knowledge of what's going on around the world; and there it was "Forbes?" what kind of fake news shit is this? 

So like everyone else, who search for truth in this hyper fake news era, I decided to search (you know the two words I as about to use instead of saying search) online for other in-the-know cannabis news blogs, and there it was, the great news and an added stress as we try to get our phase two 501 EDITIONS out. I'm not complaining, but another state to research (yes, we do that) which colors to represent them? what colors for their tags? which silhouette to use for their state? Vermont is now legal, well technically July 1st 2018, but are we going to wait till July? Hell no!; we're more excited for our Leafy&Genius friends in Vermont than 'flies in shit', (I wonder which is happier, or should I say pig in slop?) Congrats Vermont!

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