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70 Year Old Bahamas Doctor Says Cannabis Is Addictive. Jamaica Says "Come To Jamaica And Feel Alright"

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Written By: Troy Ferguson

The Bahamas, NASSAU - Let's be blunt (pun intended) about it, almost every Caribbean nation with the possible exceptions of a few like the Cayman Islands, for example, the majority of their working class citizens and businesses, directly and indirectly, depends on tourism aka visitors from around the world for their livelihood. However, with so many greener (again, pun intended) options in the U.S, and around the world like Amsterdam and Jamaica, and with the advancement of technology where tropical beaches are being erected from the desert, countries using taxpayers money, chasing the tourism golden goose, which happens to be green by-the-way, while trying to maintain the (racket) status quo have become an expensive game of chicken instead. "You have to come to our country because we have sun and beach!" MILLENNIALS: "Fuck that! I have greener options plus sun and beach!".


 Generation Us, aka Millennials, have chosen to vacation on our own terms, in 'greener' locations; not the 1980's and 90's spots where our mom and dad met on an alcohol-fueled spring break, with the exception of a few cannabis friendly countries like Jamaica who have upgraded their laws to accommodate their working class citizens 'bread and butter';  rather than those countries who still profit from a corrupt racket system that financially rape their visitors, college students and end careers for smarter more connected young professionals who just prefer cannabis. 


The 'war on drugs' has been taking its toll on men of color and families worldwide, especially in the Caribbean since the 1980's, like in the U.S.A, survey after survey continue to show no positive results, ironically money does not discriminate in terms of whose palms to grease to continue the status quo, because most of the so-call 'leaders' in the Caribbean nations are.... waitttt forrr it, PEOPLE OF COLOR! And yes, the byproduct  of TWOD (cannabis) is the exact same as many other inner cities, within states and countries where there is prohibition, high minority on minority crime, political corruption, extra-judicial killings, gang warfare for profitable urban turf areas, high murder rates, teen and elderly poverty, high crime rate, suicidal alcohol use, huge illegal prescription pills market, joblessness, hopelessness, prostitution, a massive uneducated working class and my favorite, a government-backed fundamentalist style religion to pacify the poor and disenfranchised, while the same religious leaders sip holy water and break bread (in every term) with their next door neighbors within expensive and gated communities with spoils from war areas.

Read Bahamian Gynecologist story here.

While all of this is just my personal opinion/observation, (Thank you CaribCreed), do I sound pissed off? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY, and you should too, if you, your family or friends enjoy cannabis, while you may/may not live in, or plan to visit any of those beautiful Caribbean nations (great decision for now), with the exception of Jamaica, many of your friends, kids, family members do visit on a daily basis.  

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