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Summer 2016 Is Just Weeks Away! + A Car Made From Hemp? In Florida?

Although Summer 2016 is just weeks away, after one of the warmest winter in decades, not only can we feel the heat from the sun, but t-shirts and tanks tops are already starting to disappear from our shelves like... well, summertime.

This is great news for our brand after all we've been tweaking our entire brand from the ground up, with many new tank styles to choose from this summer, and much, much more to come.

Bayside Classic Tank - Turq DOPENESS Classic Tank - Black CaribCreed Classic Tank - Black


Key West FLA - We have done extensive research on the pros and cons of cannabis, therefore, it was not too surprising when we came across an article about a South Florida man who made a car from cannabis hemp; what was surprising? He was from Florida??? (insert crickets sound here) Oh!, Key West, OK sounds much better. You can read the story here.