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FLORIDA- Move over Jamaica! Hallandale Beach in broward county Florida, is turning up the heat to compete for that progressively green tourism dollar. On Wednesday night, Hallandale Beach Commissioners unanimously approved a new measure, anyone caught with 20 grams of pot or less will be fined $100 rather than being arrested. This will make marijuana possession a civil offense rather than a criminal one.

South Florida is leading the charge against prohibition in the Sunshine State, last month Miami made headlines, however, in Miami it's still at the discretion of the police whether to give you a ticket or haul your ass to jail (insert joke here) with a very large and diverse population, it's definitely a small step in the right direction; however, one can almost predict the results of the Miami ruling.

So, while summer is not officially over yet, you can still take a road trip to Hallandale Beach in broward county to catch some sunshine and goodvibes.