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Self-Ordained Nuns Growing Cannabis, The Temperature Is Getting Hotter + 4/20 Is Just Days Away!

SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER: We've talk to people from all over the world, Sweden, Russia, Canada and many in traditionally cold northern U.S states, everyone's answer when asked about the weather is almost the same, "This was one of the warmest winter I can remember". Some think it global warming others think is just an odd winter season, some think it's a combination of both, while we may not be able to agree on the cause of the mild winter season this year, one thing we can all agree on, Summer 2016 is almost here, and April 20th, 2016 (4/20) is just days away! What are your plans? What ever they may be, enjoy it, looking good and feeling good, take advantage of our tank tops sale. Just $14.20 each!

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Reading online news this week we came across a beautiful story, nuns growing cannabis, answering to no one else but a higher power. Sister Kate and Sister Darcy are self-ordained nuns who created their own order. They call themselves Sister of the Valley, they use the medicine to treat suffering, this is an amazing story.

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