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Newly Elected Canadian Prime Minster Plans to Legalize Cannabis

All eyes are on Canada's newly elected Prime Minister, Liberal Party Justin Trudeau to follow through with their promise to legalize and regulate marijuana. In the United States,Washington,Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana, with more states set to vote on regulated marijuana in 2016 elections. Following Uruguay's historic move to do so in 2013., Canada will become the second country in the world to have fully legalized all aspects of the marijuana market - including production, sale and consumption. 

The United Nations General Assembly, In 2016 will hold a special session on drugs(UNGASS) in order to conduct a comprehensive review of the successes and failures of international drug control policy.

Great news for our Leafy neighbor in the north; CaribCreed Comemorative Classic Tee CANADA! Coming Soon...

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