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Is Florida Becoming The 'Colorado' Of The South?

TAMPA, FL. - - The green movement, the marijuana momentum, the one love revolution, whatever you prefer to call it, the cannabis movement is rapidly growing worldwide, many countries around the world are now reexamining their approach to policing marijuana. While most of the states where marijuana is now legal, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Washington D.C and most recently Oregon, are all states where residents see snow on an annual basis, for those looking for Sun, Fun & Ganja, you can fly to Jamaica for the weekend, or take a roadtrip to Florida, recently there seem to be a ray of sunshine in the 'Sunshine State'.

The cannabis movement is getting hotter in the South! Miami-Dade county commissioners voted last week on an ordinance to allow police to treat marijuana possession the same way they do littering, by issuing a civil citation. A $100 fine keeps the offense out of the already overcrowded criminal system.

Last night, CaribCreedFLA attended a NORML meeting in historic Ybor City, the local chapter, Central Florida NORML; where the Executive Director Christopher Cano, outlined some of the chapter's accomplishments also their challenges. These guys are definitely One Love Revolutionary Geniuses, Master's degrees, media savvy, and a diverse leadership, however, behind all that there is genuine L.O.V.E, a son's love for his dad, Christopher Cano has a personal stake in making medical marijuana legal, his father who is very sick needs this medicine ASAP, Chris is a great guy, but his attempt to help his father landed him in problems with the law, noticeably, he was extra jubilant last night after hearing his felony has been dropped. 

Central Florida NORML chapter is definitely making waves in Florida, not only because of the giant #BluntBoatMobile in the July 4th parade, but also Cannathon 5K, on Saturday July 11th 2015 at Gadsen park by the MacDill Air Force base in Tampa, Florida. The Florida Cannabis Coalition is partnering with Magical Butter and Central FL NORML to host the Inaugural Cannathon 5K which will raise awareness of our Veterans who are suffering with PTSD and the alternative treatment options available with cannabis therapy. It's not too late you can sign up here!