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Is Cannabis Changing The World For The Good? Absolutely!

Is cannabis legalization making the world a better, happier place to live? Many leaders around the world seem to think so, every other day, there seem to be positive news about legalization and breakthrough in medical research from cannabis. 

While there are positives, there are many, very influential individuals and organizations AGAINST legalization, for many, cannabis is a direct competition to their livelihood, others have just been indoctrinated to believe that alcohol and pharmaceuticals etc are better than cannabis just because those products are legal, regardless of the direct social ills and yes, even the many untimely deaths directly linked to these products.


In conclusion, for many leaders and organizations around the world, religious or not, who choose to partake and embrace that which causes death, rather than that which inspires Generation Us to live good, in this age of social media, history will judge you harshly. Future messages will fall on deaf ears simply because of selfish financial reasons, convenience or just ignorance, you choose to embrace death over life. Live good, let your conscience set you free! #OneLove